Let’s take a look at Richard Wackar Stadium!


The mighty Prof itself

Hey all! I know that the Rowan University football season has been over for a while now and the NFL season has come to an end I am already going through Eagles withdrawal but it’s a beautiful day so I decided to take a stroll over to Richard Wackar Stadium.

Stadium Bleachers

So here we are, Richard Wackar Stadium named after former Glassboro State College head coach Richard Wackar. Richard Wackar was a great coach and Rowan University renovated the field and renamed it after him back in 2009 in order to honor his accomplishments. The bleachers in the stadium are able to seat up to 5000 people.


Here we can see the Scoreboard used at the football games. I remember attending my first home game my freshman year and feeling the energy of the crowd. Although Rowan fell short and lost the game it was still a great experience and I had a lot of fun.

Prof Logo

Here is a picture of the Profs Logo, this is where all the players meet before the Friday night lights action during the football season. Heads or tails? Which team will get the ball first I am sure that the excitement teams feel when they are meeting here is electric Go Profs!


As a former track and field athlete back in high school of course I had to grab some pictures of the track as well, I miss the pasta parties but lets just say I really don’t miss the leg pain.  This track is home to the Rowan University track and field team, the team attended the Penn Relays back in 2015 which is an event I remember attending in high school.I did a few laps around the track since it was so nice outside..but man I really am not in the shape that I was once in.


Well I had a great time enjoying this beautiful weather and taking some pictures of Richard Wackar Stadium. The field is awesome and I definitely encourage people to make the trip here to attend football games during the fall.

Until next time GO PROFS!

(All photos in this post were taken by Jeremiah Daniels)


One thought on “Let’s take a look at Richard Wackar Stadium!

  1. I love how you combined information about the stadium and photography of the stadium. It was a good idea in how you wrote a little bit, then posted a picture, then continued the trend, without only having one huge paragraph.

    I also liked your post about the Rowan sports alumni. Not many people realize that the former Phillies’ PA announcer Dan Baker is an alumnus here. Proper research, which you did, is key to posts like these, which require accuracy.

    It was also good that you gave your personal experiences within the football field, and tying that into the post. Many people have trouble doing so.

    The only bad critique I would really give is the fact that you didn’t credit in the caption below each photo who took the picture- whether it was you or someone else. It was good that you broke down each part of the stadium, but I would credit who took the photo(s), even if it was you.

    Also, in the second paragraph, below the picture of the bleachers, you should’ve inserted a comma after “so here we are.”


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