Notable Rowan University Alumni

Hey all! Rowan University has had many alumni and many of them have gone on in life to have successful careers. In this post I want to talk about notable alumni that were former athletes or went to have a career in sports of Rowan University/Glassboro State College. So with that being said let’s dive right into this!

Dino Hall

First I want to talk about Dino Hall. Dino Hall was born on December 6th, 1955 in Atlantic City New Jersey. Hall decided to attend college close to home and attended Glassboro State college where he was a running back and return specialist. Hall eventually went on in his career to play running back for the Cleveland Browns. For his career at Glassboro State College Hall was also inducted into the Glassboro State College hall of fame.

Stink Fisher

Stink Fisher is another notable alumni that attended school at Rowan University. Fisher was born in Cherry Hill New Jersey; and played football at Cherry Hill High School and later went on to play college ball at Rowan University. As a free agent Fisher signed to play for the New York Jets in the NFL. Unfortunately, his time with the Jets was short-lived and he found himself cut before the season opener.  However, if you are looking for a place to eat Fisher and his wife on a restaurant called the Pop Shop. There are two locations being Medford and Collingswood New Jersey..hmm I might have to check this place out.

Dan Baker

Dan Baker was born on September 22, 1946 and attended Glassboro State College and achieved his bachelors degree in 1968 before going on to receive his Masters Degree from Temple University. Now although Baker did not participate in sports during his college career he did go on to pursue a career in the sports world working as a public address announcer. In his career Baker found himself as the voice of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Philadelphia Phillies(two great teams if I do say so myself) working as an announcer during the games. Baker eventually retired in 2014.

Billy Lange

Billy Lange born on February 11th, 1972 was a former basketball player and is currently the assistant coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Lange attended college at Rowan University from 1990-1994. Lange played college basketball at Rowan University; and eventually started his coaching career at Philadelphia University. Lange coached at other colleges as well such as Villanova before becoming the assistant head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers in 2013.


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