Rowan Men’s Basketball falls to Ramapo 71-90

Hey all! Last Wednesday  Rowan Men’s Basketball team had a home game as they faced off against Ramapo College. Because it was senior night  I thought it would be fun to go and see the basketball team in action.

On Senior Night the seniors on the team are recognized for their performance and given awards.

As I arrived at the game I noticed that the bleachers filled up relatively quickly, luckily I was able to get a decent seat and waited in anticipation for the game to begin. While I was sitting down in the huddle I was able to watch the teams warm up and get into their pre-game huddle Rowan vs Ramapo.

Ramapo in the huddle.
Rowan in the huddle.
Almost game time..

Before I knew it the time on the scoreboard was slowly winding down; and it was almost time for the game to begin. My friend and I wondered what team would end up striking first and putting points on the board.

Both teams started out scoring quickly.


Although Ramapo was able to drive down the field and score quickly Rowan was also able to retaliate and put two points onto the board. This immediately made me think that this was going to be an offensive game which made me excited.

During the game the Prof mascot also got involved and hyped up the fans. The prof would run around and dance; but the crowd would really erupt whenever he was about to throw a t-shirt into the bleachers. Everyone would get really loud in order to get the mascots attention to throw it them.

The Prof hyping up the crowd.

While I was at the game I also decided to take a video in order to capture some of the players in action.

Unfortunately, in the end Rowan ended up falling short to Ramapo. By the ended of the first half Rowan totaled up 45 points while Ramapo totaled up 50. So at the end of the first and second quarter both teams were playing very close, however in the second half Ramapo pulled off a dominant performance. Totaling up 40 points while the Profs put up 26 points in the second half of the game.

Although it was a disappointing loss it was not the end of the road for the Profs, the team went on to beat Montclair State University on Saturday 81-69. The team will take on either New Jersey City University or Stockton University in the New Jersey Athletic Conference Tournament next.

Until then GO PROFS!

(All photos and videos in this post were taken by Jeremiah Daniels).



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