Rowan University Baseball defeats Neumann University 8-7

Hey all this past Wednesday Rowan’s Baseball team had their first home game of the season; and luckily they were able to come out on top defeating Neumann 8-7.

Neumann managed to pull ahead of Rowan by the 6th inning putting up 7 points while Rowan only had 3. However, Rowan was able to strike back in the 7th inning making the score 5-7.

For the remainder of the game Rowan was able to prevent Neumann from scoring anymore runs, in the 9th inning Rowan scored three while holding their opponent to 7.

Ultimately, Rowan was able to pull off a tight victory against Neumann; and with their victory they were able to progress onward to a 4-1 record while Neumann dropped to 3-5.

I had a great time at the baseball game, and there was a decent amount of people there everyone seemed very passionate about cheering for their team. In order to share my experience I also decided to take some pictures as well.

Two Rowan University students chat as they enjoy the baseball game. I sat next two the both of them so I was able to get a better view of the field; and luckily I was able to grab a shot of one student posing with their baseball. (Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


The Rowan University Baseball team sits in the dugout as one of their teammates is at bat. The team is usually found conversing and cheering one another one here, in addition the dugout is also where their equipment is held.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
On the other side we can see the dugout where Neumann University was sitting. The players sat there as they cheered on their teammates at bat.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
Before he takes the field one member of the Rowan University baseball team receives some advice from his father. Showing the bond between father and son.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


All smiles and high-fives as Rowan begins to take the outfield against Neumann. Seeing the teams energy and giving each other high fives showed me how close they are to one another. (Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


Dogs, nice weather, and baseball does it get any better than that? This guy here soon found himself fixated on the game as the players ran from base to base.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


He eventually found a baseball of his own that he was able to play around with.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
Some students even stopped on their way to class to watch the game, these two stood behind the fences of “The Nest” watching for a little bit. (Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Until next time GO PROFS!




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