Grand Slam BBQ & Alumni Day 4/23/17

The Rowan University baseball team prepares to take the field as they get ready to take on Kean University for their double header(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels).

On Sunday April 23rd, Rowan University had their Grand Slam BBQ and Alumni Day baseball game on the Bunce Green. The game was  a double header and the Rowan University baseball team was hosting Kean University which is located in Union, New Jersey.

The opposing team Kean University traveled down from Kean, New Jersey to take on Rowan. They stood and waited in the dugout before the game began(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Rowan University encouraged baseball alumni and their families to attend the game.

Bunce Hall looking good on the Grand Slam BBQ. Bunce Hall was named after Rowan University’s second president Dr. Edgar Bunce(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels).

I decided to attend the game with my roommate Patrick early on Sunday, both of us woke up early so we were able to make it to the game. As we walked to the game we did not expect it to be too crowded since it was on an early Sunday morning; but to our surprise their was a decent amount of people.

As we arrived on the Bunce Green the first thing we saw was an array of inflatable bounce houses, one had a slide, and another one was shaped like a small castle. There was a lot of children playing inside of them and I thought that Rowan had something for the younger kids to keep them engaged.

Above you can see the variety of inflatable houses, and areas that the younger kids were playing in. They helped to bring a fun environment to the BBQ(Photos/Jeremiah Daniels)

People were also outside on the Bunce Green playing lawn games, or playing with frisbee’s that they had the opportunity to paint at one of the tables.

Attendees of the baseball game had the opportunity to get creative and paint their own frisbee’s. After this they had the opportunity to go outside to the field and have some fun with their friends(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

In addition, there was also a variety of different food stands such as a smoothie stand, water ice stand, lemonade stand, and even an area that was serving food. Rowan University staff, alumni, and family to the baseball team worked to serve hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, sandwiches, as well as other BBQ goodness for the attendees to eat.

The water ice station here attendees were able to treat themselves to some refreshing water ice goodness(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


Decided to treat myself to a nice refreshing lemonade water ice.My roommate treated himself to blue raspberry he should have known lemonade was the way to go(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
What’s better than a nice refreshing strawberry-banana smoothie on a warm spring day? These smoothies helped attendees to help get a little early taste of summer(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
The smoothie stand had some nice Hawaiian decor which brought a nice tropical vibe(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Students crowded around the BBQ area and the burgers almost disappeared in the blink of an eye which makes sense especially since college students love free food! I am a huge burger guy myself so I made sure that I actually grabbed a burger or two for myself before turning my attention to the game.

The grill masters doing their thing cooking up some good hot dogs and hamburgers for the attendees. The hamburgers went by fast so people had to wait if they wanted something hot off the grill(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
The announcers sitting behind the fence announced both the seniors on the team and also the alumni. During the game they also work to announce exciting occurrences during the game and whenever a player goes up to bat(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels).

At the beginning of the game the announcers took time to announce some of the Rowan University baseball alumni. After that the seniors on the team were then recognized with their families.

After the senior players were recognized it was time to play ball, and with such beautiful weather on a spring day many people were excited for some baseball!

What’s better than dogs and baseball? Luna a black lab mix greeted people as they walked by and enjoyed the game(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
Someone lost their helmet because there is a lone helmet laying in the field..(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Rowan University managed to dominate Kean University, and the audience cheered as the team won the first game 9-2. Here is a table showing the scores of the game by the inning.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Kean University 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 6 2
Rowan University 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 1 X 9 13 0

On the other hand, the second game was closer the table below shows the scores of the games by the inning for the second game.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Kean University 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 9 1
Rowan University 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 3 7 1


I interviewed outfielder Michael Decker who is a sophomore here at Rowan and I asked him what he thought they did well in order to win the game.

“Well to win I think it is important that you play well on both sides of the field,’ Decker said. “Offensively I think we played offense and defense very well and I think that helped us to win the game,” Decker added.

Outfielder Michael Decker from Montgomery, New Jersey at bat.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

I also spoke with first basemen Joe Sadler who is  Junior here at Rowan and I asked him what he likes about being on the team.

“With this team I think the relationship we have with each other is really strong,” Sadler said. “Everyone on the team supports each other whether someone is up at bat or you are out in the field, we are like one big family,” Sadler added.

First basemen Joe Sadler from Holmdel, New Jersey at bat(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to talk about Coach Dickson and asked him what he thought about the event.

“I am glad that there was such a huge turnout for the event,” said Dickson, “It is awesome that so many people came out to see our guys play and the alumni get recognized.”

Dickson also went on to talk about senior day

“We have some hard working seniors on the team and I am sure that they are happy to be recognized for their hard work today.”

Overall I had a great time today I am already looking forward to the Grand Slam BBQ & Alumni Day game next year!


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