Farewell from Profs Spotlight

Well folks it’s the end of the semester and I am sure that many of us are excited for summer break! I really enjoyed maintaining my own blog for this semester and it allowed me to gain a better understanding of journalism. Over the course of the semester I do not plan on updating this blog after this post; but I am currently thinking about dedicating post to Fall sports once I return at the end of August. I think a lot of it will depend on how much schedule is next semester but I would definitely love to go out to some games again and report.

From maintaining this blog I was able to realize how important communication is as a journalist. If you want to get an interview done with someone you should try to reach out to that person at least two weeks prior, you should also try to have back-ups arranged just in case things do not play out the way you had planned. Furthermore, I was also able to realize that people are going to be reading your post so it is important that you put in your best effort and dedicate the right amount of time to each post.

Another thing that I learned is you should not be afraid to step out of your own comfort zone. I was a bit nervous conducting interviews at first but the more I did them I feel that I got better at it and grew more.

I would like to thank everyone that took the time to check out my blog, I hope you all have a safe and awesome summer! ūüôā

Below I am also going to link my favorite post.

Video interview with Monny Strickland 

Rowan University baseball defeats Neumann University

Profile of Richard Partheymuller

Notable Rowan University alumni

Q & A with Coach Joe Crispin


Grand Slam BBQ & Alumni Day 4/23/17

The Rowan University baseball team prepares to take the field as they get ready to take on Kean University for their double header(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels).

On Sunday April 23rd, Rowan University had their Grand Slam BBQ and Alumni Day baseball game on the Bunce Green. The game was  a double header and the Rowan University baseball team was hosting Kean University which is located in Union, New Jersey.

The opposing team Kean University traveled down from Kean, New Jersey to take on Rowan. They stood and waited in the dugout before the game began(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Rowan University encouraged baseball alumni and their families to attend the game.

Bunce Hall looking good on the Grand Slam BBQ. Bunce Hall was named after Rowan University’s second president Dr. Edgar Bunce(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels).

I decided to attend the game with my roommate Patrick early on Sunday, both of us woke up early so we were able to make it to the game. As we walked to the game we did not expect it to be too crowded since it was on an early Sunday morning; but to our surprise their was a decent amount of people.

As we arrived on the Bunce Green the first thing we saw was an array of inflatable bounce houses, one had a slide, and another one was shaped like a small castle. There was a lot of children playing inside of them and I thought that Rowan had something for the younger kids to keep them engaged.

Above you can see the variety of inflatable houses, and areas that the younger kids were playing in. They helped to bring a fun environment to the BBQ(Photos/Jeremiah Daniels)

People were also outside on the Bunce Green playing lawn games, or playing with frisbee’s that they had the opportunity to paint at one of the tables.

Attendees of the baseball game had the opportunity to get creative and paint their own frisbee’s. After this they had the opportunity to go outside to the field and have some fun with their friends(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

In addition, there was also a variety of different food stands such as a smoothie stand, water ice stand, lemonade stand, and even an area that was serving food. Rowan University staff, alumni, and family to the baseball team worked to serve hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, sandwiches, as well as other BBQ goodness for the attendees to eat.

The water ice station here attendees were able to treat themselves to some refreshing water ice goodness(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


Decided to treat myself to a nice refreshing lemonade water ice.My roommate treated himself to blue raspberry he should have known lemonade was the way to go(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
What’s better than a nice refreshing strawberry-banana smoothie on a warm spring day? These smoothies helped attendees to help get a little early taste of summer(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
The smoothie stand had some nice Hawaiian decor which brought a nice tropical vibe(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Students crowded around the BBQ area and the burgers almost disappeared in the blink of an eye which makes sense especially since college students love free food! I am a huge burger guy myself so I made sure that I actually grabbed a burger or two for myself before turning my attention to the game.

The grill masters doing their thing cooking up some good hot dogs and hamburgers for the attendees. The hamburgers went by fast so people had to wait if they wanted something hot off the grill(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
The announcers sitting behind the fence announced both the seniors on the team and also the alumni. During the game they also work to announce exciting occurrences during the game and whenever a player goes up to bat(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels).

At the beginning of the game the announcers took time to announce some of the Rowan University baseball alumni. After that the seniors on the team were then recognized with their families.

After the senior players were recognized it was time to play ball, and with such beautiful weather on a spring day many people were excited for some baseball!

What’s better than dogs and baseball? Luna a black lab mix greeted people as they walked by and enjoyed the game(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
Someone lost their helmet because there is a lone helmet laying in the field..(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Rowan University managed to dominate Kean University, and the audience cheered as the team won the first game 9-2. Here is a table showing the scores of the game by the inning.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Kean University 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 6 2
Rowan University 2 2 4 0 0 0 0 1 X 9 13 0

On the other hand, the second game was closer the table below shows the scores of the games by the inning for the second game.

Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Kean University 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2 9 1
Rowan University 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 3 7 1


I interviewed outfielder Michael Decker who is a sophomore here at Rowan and I asked him what he thought they did well in order to win the game.

“Well to win I think it is important that you play well on both sides of the field,’ Decker said. “Offensively I think we played offense and defense very well and I think that helped us to win the game,” Decker added.

Outfielder Michael Decker from Montgomery, New Jersey at bat.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

I also spoke with first basemen Joe Sadler who is  Junior here at Rowan and I asked him what he likes about being on the team.

“With this team I think the relationship we have with each other is really strong,” Sadler said. “Everyone on the team supports each other whether someone is up at bat or you are out in the field, we are like one big family,” Sadler added.

First basemen Joe Sadler from Holmdel, New Jersey at bat(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Furthermore, I also had the opportunity to talk about Coach Dickson and asked him what he thought about the event.

“I am glad that there was such a huge turnout for the event,” said Dickson, “It is awesome that so many people came out to see our guys play and the alumni get recognized.”

Dickson also went on to talk about senior day

“We have some hard working seniors on the team and I am sure that they are happy to be recognized for their hard work today.”

Overall I had a great time today I am already looking forward to the Grand Slam BBQ & Alumni Day game next year!

Interview with Monny Strickland

Monny Strickland is a Junior physics major here at Rowan University. Strickland graduated from Egg Harbor Township High School ¬†where he was the team captain as a senior in high school. For this season some of Strickland’s season high stats include the following

I had the opportunity to interview Monny and get to see what he had to say about baseball.


Rowan University’s Women’s Lacrosse team host Stockton University 4/11/17

Richard Wackar Stadium where the Rowan University Women’s Lacrosse team plays. Stockton University will be travelling on the road to play here(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Hey all! I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather I know that I certainly am, on Tuesday April 11th, 2017 the Lacrosse team will host Stockton University.

Megan Donnely who plays Attack for the Rowan University Women’s lacrosse team(Photo/Rowan Athletics)

The Rowan University lacrosse team currently holds a positive record of 7-3. The team has been able to snag wins over Ursinus College, Western New England University, Denison University, Neumann University, Roanoke College, University of Scranton, and Cabrini University. On the other hand, the team currently holds losses against Salisbury University, Stevens Institute of Technology, and Catholic University.

Stockton University plays Widener University(Photo/Press of Atlantic City)

The opposing team Stockton University holds a record of 7-1, their victories come from United States Coast Academy, Widener University, St. Joseph’s College, Neumann University,Drew University, Elizabeth Town College, and Ramapo College. Their loss comes from Albright College.

The overall game should be a close one as both teams have been able to secure seven wins for themselves; and both teams will be hungry for another victory.

I asked Coach Delaney if they had any game plan established in order to win and she said the following,

“We never have a different game plan depending on the team and it is always our game plan and making the team have to adjust to us and our play-style,” “As long as we do that we’ll so fine on Tuesday,” Delaney stated.

Overall Delaney seemed confident that the team will carry on with their good play so far and pick up the win putting their record at 8-3.

I will be at the game on Tuesday; and I plan to capture some video footage of the game as well in order to share my experience with others.

Until next time GO PROFS!

Audio Interview with Lindsay Delaney

Lindsay Delaney the Head Coach of Rowan University Women’s Lacrosse Team.(Photo/Rowan University Athletics)

Hey all! This week I was able to conduct an audio interview with the head coach of the Women’s Lacrosse team, Lindsay Delaney. Delaney has been the head coach of the lacrosse team since 2008; and has also worked as a teacher teaching History previously. In this interview Delaney talks about her coaching philosophy, how she decides who starts during games, the pros and cons of coaching, what the team does well, and what the team needs to do to win against Stockton next week.

A Profile about Rowan University Club lacrosse Blogger, Richard Partheymuller.

Richard Partheymuller(left) who maintains FaceProf Lacrosse; and president of the club lacrosse team Brian Mahoney(right) pose for a picture.

Hey all! This past week I was able to¬†conduct an interview through Email with Richard Partheymuller, who maintains a Rowan University lacrosse blog called, “Face-Prof Lacrosse.” As a fellow sports blogger I found this blog to be interesting because it provided information about ¬†Rowan University’s Club Llacrosse team.

Richard is from Jackson, New Jersey and a senior here at Rowan who is about to graduate soon with a degree in Journalism. I asked Richard how long he has been blogging; and when he first started maintaining his Rowan University Men’s Club Lacrosse team blog.

“A little more than a year ago, I took Online Journalism with Professor Sullivan here at Rowan. I had to pick a beat, and I had a lot of trouble coming up with a beat,” Partheymuller said.

Richard went on to add the following, “I played lacrosse for three years at Jackson Memorial High School and one year at Ocean County College. I knew and still know a lot about the sport, and so, I figured I’d try out a blog about the club Men’s lacrosse team here.”

“At first, I was actually a little hesitant at first. I actually thought about playing for the team myself, but I was just getting started at rowan last year, so I unfairly judged the team before I even met them and thought the team was preppy. To my surprise, I¬†found out who these guys really are. They trusted me enough to let me cover them for the class, and by the time that January rolled around, I was absolutely certain that the blog wouldn’t stop with the class. I¬†grew attached to the team and have been following them independently ever since,” Partheymuller stated.

In addition to this, ¬†Richard said that the hardest part about maintaining the blog was focusing on it while trying to balance doing work and assignments for other classes as well. “I’ve had to choose quite a few times whether I wanted to work on homework or if I would finish the latest blog post. Along with that component, it takes a toll on you sometimes when you have to stay up to 2 a.m. editing video. Being so attached to the team makes it difficult sometimes, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I will gladly stay up and lose sleep for their sake,” he stated.

Partheymuller also took some time to talk about the role that he thinks blogging should play in the future of Journalism. As a fellow Journalism major I was interested to see what he had to say.

” Blogging really is a critical component to journalism. The gray-area we’re facing in the world of journalism is that there are a lot of opinion blogs. Coming across a good blog that credits sources and doesn’t opinioated¬†their topic because of hurt feelings. There are tons of niches but the truth is that the markets get crowded with blogs on the same topics. There are countless parenting blogs and countless health or fitness blogs out there. Finding a market that you know you can stand out is probably the biggest obstacle for blog-inclined journalists,” said Partheymuller.

Partheymuller also revealed his favorite aspect of covering the Lacrosse team, he stated  he liked being involved with the team and getting to know the players.

“The guys on the team are really great and really great to be around. I love being involved with the team and getting to see them at their best and feel with them when they’re at their worst. I got to see them win games and I’ve had to stand and watch them lose games. That’s why one of the hardest parts is being behind the camera at times. It’s because you sometimes become emotionally involved in the team too. I might see them losing but I have to stand and keep filming. Being around them is just fantastic though, I get to hear their camaraderie and their excitement on the sidelines and I can’t help but cheer too sometimes. I’ve overheard a sports journalism class once where the professor said that you can’t do that. You can’t cheer when you’re reporting. The fact I’ve grown so attached to this team is probably frowned upon in the journalism world. I try to ignore those thoughts though. I just never felt inclined to follow that rule when it came to this team. The traveling’s pretty nice too. I loved going to Maryland last year and getting to see Washington D.C,” Partheymuller stated.

In the end, as a relatively new blogger I asked Partheymuller for some advice as well as advice for others that are starting their own blog. He was able to provide the following.

“Put the work into it. Put a lot of work into it. It may be a hobby at first, but if you’re serious about using blogging to promote yourself, you have to give it a little more effort than you’d expect. Learn to make sacrifices to go along with the demands of timeliness, because you can’t always procrastinate on an important beat. Always charge your devices. Wherever your beat takes you, scout out the area for power outlets, you’re going to need those. Learn to use the bathroom beforehand. Proofread your work or have somebody else do it for you. Remember that social media is your best friend when it comes to blogging and promoting yourself. Lastly, make good relations with your sources and don’t treat them as projects, treat them as people with a story to tell.”

I was glad that I got the opportunity to ask Richard a fellow sports blogger some questions; and looking through his blog I was able to see that he put a lot of hard work and dedication into it. In the future I plan to attend a club lacrosse game and see the team in action, until next time GO PROFS!

Rowan University Baseball defeats Neumann University 8-7

Hey all this past Wednesday Rowan’s Baseball team had their first home game of the season; and luckily they were able to come out on top defeating Neumann 8-7.

Neumann managed to pull ahead of Rowan by the 6th inning putting up 7 points while Rowan only had 3. However, Rowan was able to strike back in the 7th inning making the score 5-7.

For the remainder of the game Rowan was able to prevent Neumann from scoring anymore runs, in the 9th inning Rowan scored three while holding their opponent to 7.

Ultimately, Rowan was able to pull off a tight victory against Neumann; and with their victory they were able to progress onward to a 4-1 record while Neumann dropped to 3-5.

I had a great time at the baseball game, and there was a decent amount of people there everyone seemed very passionate about cheering for their team. In order to share my experience I also decided to take some pictures as well.

Two Rowan University students chat as they enjoy the baseball game. I sat next two the both of them so I was able to get a better view of the field; and luckily I was able to grab a shot of one student posing with their baseball. (Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


The Rowan University Baseball team sits in the dugout as one of their teammates is at bat. The team is usually found conversing and cheering one another one here, in addition the dugout is also where their equipment is held.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
On the other side we can see the dugout where Neumann University was sitting. The players sat there as they cheered on their teammates at bat.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
Before he takes the field one member of the Rowan University baseball team receives some advice from his father. Showing the bond between father and son.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


All smiles and high-fives as Rowan begins to take the outfield against Neumann. Seeing the teams energy and giving each other high fives showed me how close they are to one another. (Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


Dogs, nice weather, and baseball does it get any better than that? This guy here soon found himself fixated on the game as the players ran from base to base.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)


He eventually found a baseball of his own that he was able to play around with.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)
Some students even stopped on their way to class to watch the game, these two stood behind the fences of “The Nest” watching for a little bit. (Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Until next time GO PROFS!



Rowan’s Baseball team host Neumann University 3/8/2017

The Nest is where Rowan’s Baseball team plays. The nest is located right by Bunce Hall.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Play ball! On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 Rowan University’s Baseball team will be hosting Neumann University’s team at home. Baseball season was always exciting for me because baseball games are usually always accompanied by nice weather, it’s expected to be 65 degrees on Wednesday which is definitely nicer than the cold weather we had this weekend.

This here is the dugout. The dugout is where a teams bench area is located; and during the game you will usually find the players resting here.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

Rowan University is going into the game with a record of 2-1, the team currently holds two wins over Steven Institute of Technology; and Randolph-Macon College. However, the team also currently holds a loss to Randoph-Macon as well so the team will try to secure a victory on Wednesday.

This here is a photo of Neumann University’s field. Neumann University is located in Aston Pennsylvania; and this field is where the baseball team will play opponents at home.(Photo/Neumann University)

On the other hand, the opposing team Neumann currently holds a 2-4 record. With victories coming against Hanover College, and Rose Hulman institute of Technology. The teams four losses come from Waynesburg,Otterbein, and Capital University. As well as one loss coming from Rhode Island College.

Here we can see one set of bleachers where the fans sit. I will be sitting here on Wednesday at 3:00 to watch Rowan face off against Neumann.(Photo/Jeremiah Daniels)

I talked to Rowan’s Coach Mike Dickson who has been coaching since 2015 and asked him a few questions.

Q: What do you think the team needs to do in order to win on Wednesday?

A: There are a lot of things you need to do in order to win games but we need to be able to pitch, we need to be able to play defense, and offensively we need to be able to score. Those are three phases and if we are able to do two of those things then I think we will be able to win the game.

Q: Do you think the team preforms any differently at home compared to on the road?

A: Well we haven’t played at home yet(laughs). But if we lose 10-0 tomorrow ¬†then I’ll say yes we do play differently on the road. Without having played a home game with this group as of yet you would like to think that your team is going to play better at home. But obviously without playing a home game you can’t really say for sure yet.

Q: What kind of baseball team do you think Neumann is?

A: With their new coach I think he has done a good job going out and recruiting as far as returning players that they have they have loss some players to graduation; but I think they are going to be a good opponent and I think they are going to be a good challenge for us.

So with that being said Wednesday should make for an interesting game! Let’s hope that Rowan can pull of a victory!

Q & A with Rowan Men’s Basketball Coach Joseph Crispin


(Credit for this Photo goes to CBS Philly http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/)

Hey all! In this weeks post I conducted a Q&A with Rowan University Men’s Basketball coach Joseph Crispin via Email. CoachCrispin started as the assistant head coach¬†at Rowan University in 2014; and he became the head coach as of 2016. Coach Crispin has played basketball in the past he played College Basketball at Pennsylvania State University alongside his brother. Crispin also signed with the Miami Heat in 2003. Prior to playing on the Heat Crispin also played on the Phoenix Suns. Coach Crispin currently lives with his wife in Glassboro, NJ.

Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

A: The Lord! I am thankful for every day I am given. I believe every day is a gift meant to be lived in light of the most important realities in the world. Joy is central and my work as a coach fits right into that mission.

Q: What do you like about Rowan University sports?

A: Well, Rowan is home for me, so serving my own community in this capacity is the most exciting thing to me. But the University is growing all the time, so it is a special time to be here.

Q: How long have you been working at Rowan why did you decide to work here?

A: This is my third season. I came because it’s such an exciting time in Rowan’s history ¬†and because Rowan is a home for me.

Q: What was one team that stood out to you this season?

A: Ramapo had a great season. They were dominant and consistent. That isn’t an easy thing to do in our conference.

Q: What do you think is the best quality of the Rowan Men’s Basketball Team?

A: Our identity. We are clear about who we are and aim to stick to it all the time. Central to that identity is an intensity and energy that is second to none.

Q: What’s your greatest success or failure?

A: Well that’s a tough one, but in a career sense, I suppose my greatest success was playing in the NBA and my greatest failure not staying there!

Rowan Men’s Basketball falls to Ramapo 71-90

Hey all! Last Wednesday ¬†Rowan Men’s Basketball team¬†had a home game as they faced off against Ramapo College. Because it was senior night ¬†I thought it would be fun¬†to go and see the basketball team in action.

On Senior Night the seniors on the team are recognized for their performance and given awards.

As I arrived at the game I noticed that the bleachers filled up relatively quickly, luckily I was able to get a decent seat and waited in anticipation for the game to begin. While I was sitting down in the huddle I was able to watch the teams warm up and get into their pre-game huddle Rowan vs Ramapo.

Ramapo in the huddle.
Rowan in the huddle.
Almost game time..

Before I knew it the time on the scoreboard was slowly winding down; and it was almost time for the game to begin. My friend and I wondered what team would end up striking first and putting points on the board.

Both teams started out scoring quickly.


Although Ramapo was able to drive down the field and score quickly Rowan was also able to retaliate and put two points onto the board. This immediately made me think that this was going to be an offensive game which made me excited.

During the game the Prof mascot also got involved and hyped up the fans. The prof would run around and dance; but the crowd would really erupt whenever he was about to throw a t-shirt into the bleachers. Everyone would get really loud in order to get the mascots attention to throw it them.

The Prof hyping up the crowd.

While I was at the game I also decided to take a video in order to capture some of the players in action.

Unfortunately, in the end Rowan ended up falling short to Ramapo. By the ended of the first half Rowan totaled up 45 points while Ramapo totaled up 50. So at the end of the first and second quarter both teams were playing very close, however in the second half Ramapo pulled off a dominant performance. Totaling up 40 points while the Profs put up 26 points in the second half of the game.

Although it was a disappointing loss it was not the end of the road for the Profs, the team went on to beat Montclair State University on Saturday 81-69. The team will take on either New Jersey City University or Stockton University in the New Jersey Athletic Conference Tournament next.

Until then GO PROFS!

(All photos and videos in this post were taken by Jeremiah Daniels).